BFP is an abbreviation of Bona Fide Point. BFP is an index for calculating your post and channel legitimacy. In other words Bona Fide Points tells users about how authentic, genuine and true post you have posted on your channel. BFP is one and only way of tagging your profile as legitimate, real and powerful. The more BFP you have the more powerful your profile is and more firmly your views user will consider.

With increase in BFPs you will unlock some privilages or stamps which you could use to verify the authenticity of other users post. Verification of your profile or getting verified stamp is directly or indirectly related with your BFP.

Your content is solely responsible for decreasing or increasing up of your BFPs, so it is advisable to not post any fake or unverified content on your channel because that post eventually will dent your reputation as well as your BFPs collection.


How to earn BFP

Post Verification

Post Re-Verification

1000+ BFP

2500+ BFP

5 X 650+ BFP